hi, i'm afyia

I’m a designer currently residing in Orlando. I’m originally from Brooklyn but I’ve been living in the south for a few years now and loving it more and more each day.

I think our interests and curiosities reveal  clues about who we are so here are a few things I’m currently into:

• I’ve been working alongside Dan Mall , Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert on the redesign of their podcast website, ShopTalk Show.
The big reveal & case study coming soon!

• I’m a #NoCode enthusiast. I ran the Orlando Webflow meetup and enjoyed connecting with other designers and sharing thoughts on the future of visual development — I love this talk from Webflow’s No Code conference & this The Future of No-Code report.

• I collect unique picture books and share, review and recommend them @disabilitypicturebooks.

• I'm interested in “Open Source Design” and I love being part of the Figma Community of designers and developers pushing for more open design processes.

I’m always looking for ways to help mission-driven organizations share their stories.